VDSL at Home and Work

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Wanna get Ultra VDSL at Home?

Wanna get Ultra VDSL at Work?

Wanna Ultra VDSL Broadband is our copper equivalent of ultra fibre with speeds up to 70/10Mbps down/up.

Ultra VDSL is currently available nationwide but it is limited to how close your property is to a roadside cabinet or exchange.

If you are not sure we have you covered, we would welcome your phone call to discuss what we can do for you.

Our service is delivered to you by way of a copper cable that is installed to your house or business, it is then run into your home or business and that connects to a WiFi enabled router or Business router which we supply and manage.
The router provides you with access to the internet and allows you to connect both wired and wireless devices in your home.

The benefits of using our Ultra VDSL is an always on connection to the internet, faster than traditional broadband which means it can handle multiple devices in your home or business better, and don't forget we give you unbeatable service and support.