Wanna WiFi is Wanna Internet's mobile internet service and is only available in Raglan, New Zealand.

Wanna WiFi is easy and simple to use. Simply search for the "Wanna_WiFi" wireless network on your device and connect.

Once connected you simply browse to your favourite website and before you get there we will redirect you to our login page. You can then enter in your account information to logon or purchase a Casual WiFi Access plan using a credit/debit card online, or purchase a voucher from a local reseller which you can find from the Locate a "Voucher Reseller" link at the top of the page.
If you choose to use a Casual WiFi Access plan or voucher you will always be given a random generated login name and password each time you purchase a plan.

If you think you maybe using our service more regularly or want to have bigger data quotas and features then we recommend you register an account with us. Once registered you have many more options available to you. You can change your plan whenever you feel like, you can top up and add extra GB's of data if your time has not run out, and you can see what your usage is when ever you want, you can choose and keep your own logon name and password for life and we can email you to let you know of any specials or promotions we are having as well as keeping you informed like when your Data quota has reached 80%.
All plans that are available are prepaid.

Wanna WiFi is NOT designed for permanent internet connections. If your computer is idle for more than 10 minutes then you will be logged out. To regain access you need to browse to a new website or refresh the one you are on, and you will be automatically logged back in as long as your plan is still active.
If you want to have a permanent, always on, reliable, and much faster connection you may wanna take a look at our other Broadband Services.
If you choose to connect up with one of our other broadband services, don't worry you can still use our Wanna WiFi service if you are away from home. This gives you the best of both worlds, both fixed broadband at home and mobile WiFi broadband while you are out, all linked to your account and plan.

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