Get a mean Wanna ADSL / VDSL connection

$89 / month

$99 / installation

  • A choice of data plans
  • Always on internet
  • Great support
  • A personal installation

Before we get started, we have selected the 12 Month contact which includes a free connection fee for you, if you do not want a 12 month contract and you are happy to pay the connection fee of $99, please change the selection below.
On contract means no installation fee, but will subject to early termination charges if you cancel before 12 months.

By default we try to deliver VDSL but in some cases ADSL is our only option but we will let you know once we have completed our check

If you disconnect before 12 months, an early termination fee of $399.00 applies, 1 Month notice is required for disconnection.1 month notice is required for disconnection.
Monthly Total
Install Total