Covid-19 Initial public release

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Covid-19 Initial public release

With the continued spread of COVID-19 throughout New Zealand I felt it was important to provide an update on our business operations and our commitment to supporting you through these uncertain times.

Starting this week, Wanna offices have been restricted and all but field staff are working from home. Field staff who need to enter our office periodically are practicing social distancing as well as hygiene best practice.

Our Field staff have been equipped with sanitising products, gloves and masks to help us stop the virus either being transmitted to our staff, or our staff transmitting to you.
Our staff have protocols in place when handling equipment they may touch in your home and businesses, as we want everyone to be healthy and safe.

To that effect we have introduced some further questions which you will be asked if we have to visit you. We kindly ask you answer honestly so we are better prepared to visit you.
In some cases we may have to reschedule a visit to you due to the risk of infection to our staff, and we hope you understand and work with us, if that is the case.

Our partners such as Chorus and Ultrafast Fibre have also implemented their protocols, and we may see a delay to some customers in new connections and faults repair.

Wanna will remain open for business as usual, and we have been busy making sure our business continuity plans are in place and working.

I thank you for your continued support and especially your understanding during these unprecedented times.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Brand