Covid-19 Paul's update

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Covid-19 Paul's update

With the continued spread of COVID-19 throughout New Zealand I felt it was important to provide regular updates.

We are continuing service, as we are an essential service.
We are already employing some extreme precautions, these might be things like passing a router through your window, or doing very temporary installs.
Please do your best to comply with social distancing, and extreme hygiene.

DO NOT press your reset button, or attempt to fix faults yourself.
We're going to move as much as we can to remote help, rather than visiting you.
If you reset your router, we may not be able to visit you, which means you will be disconnected completely from the internet.
So please just email us.

A small note on contacting us. The phone networks are really busy, best you email us.

The internet over the last two days has experienced unprecedented demand, as has the cellular networks. We can only ask that you consider how you use your internet. If you've got kids at home doing homework, and someone working from home, probably don't turn on netflix at the same time.

I also need to take the opportunity to inform you that Wanna Internet is helping the Ministry of Health with their connectivity for Covid-19 testing stations around the Waikato.
As you can imagine, this is fairly urgent, and will take priority.

I'm really sorry that we might not get to your request as quickly as we normally do.

All our office staff (me included) are working from home, so we have the same problems you do with phone connections and the internet being busy.

Also, be kind :)
Jason, Sam and Jackson are out in the world, doing their best .... say hello, give a kind word, be understanding.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Willard