Paul's update #2

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Paul's update #2

Hi all, me again (Paul).
So with us all locked at home, we are all using the internet pretty heavily.
And why not, we've got to do something with our time.

So as of midnight tonight (March 27th, 2020) and until the end of June 2020 we will zero rate all traffic that happens between midnight and 9am.

What does this mean?
Well, if you're on an unlimited plan, it means nothing to you.
If you are on one of our data capped plans, it means that anything that happens on your internet connection between midnight and 9am will not get charged.
Free off-peak data.

I can hear some of you asking "Why can't you offer me unlimited data during the daytime?"
Well, there are a few reasons.
We want that data and network connectivity available to our essential work force in NZ (Super market workers, transport, emergency services etc).
We also know that everyone wants the internet during the day. We all want to keep in touch with our loved ones, so we at Wanna are going try to make sure everyone gets enough, we want to share it around.

But maybe you want to download Doom Eternal (I have !), then fire up your Steam over night!

As I mentioned in a previous email, we're operating as normal.
But we are busy, we'll do our best .. and we'll do it with kindness and compassion.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Willard
General Manager