Phone Feature Codes

Wanna phone is loaded with great features that you can access at any time from your phone.

The following codes can be dialled from your wanna phone to setup or access various features. wherever you see 'xxx' below, this refers to a number you enter.

Code Description
*55Access Voice Mail from your phone
0288990000Access Voice Mail from another phone (You have to setup a PIN to use this service)
*52Voicemail Enable
*53Voicemail Disable (Default is disabled)
*72xxxCall Forward Always Activation
*73Call Forward Always Deactivation
*92xxxCall Forward No Answer Activation
*93Call Forward No Answer Deactivation
*90xxxCall Forward on Busy Activation
*91Call Forward on Busy Deactivation
*54nSet Call Diversion Timer where 'n' is number of seconds (default is 20 seconds)
*78Do Not Disturb Activation
*79Do Not Disturb Deactivation
*30Caller ID Disable
*31Caller ID Enable (Default is enabled)
*61Call Waiting Enable
*62Call Waiting Disable (Default is disabled)
*69Call Return (Call back your last caller)
*51Who last called me?