Status updates

Fibre Outage in the Auckland Area

We are currently experiencing a fibre outage in the Auckland area. All Auckland customers are affected. We are working with Chorus to get a resolution as soon as possible.

Scam Alerts

There are a variety of phone and email scams that can impact our customers. Try to keep in mind that scammers are always changing their approach. You should always try to protect yourself against known and unknown scams. The best advice we can give is to that if you're unsure if the call is genuine, the best thing to do is hang up. We will try and update our page with any scams we become aware of.

Outage affecting Te Uku, Te Mata, Ruapuke and surrounding areas

There is currently an issue with mains power impacting on Te Uku, Te Mata, Ruapuke, and surrounding areas, we do not expect this to impact on service for our customers, and will update if this changes.